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How do I top up my meter?

Where to buy top ups

You can buy a top up through the following:

You'll need your prepayment card details, and your top-up amount can be between €10 and €100.

How to apply your credit to your meter

  1. Go to your Pay-as-you-go meter and Press the '*' button once on the keypad. The message 'Key Code' will be displayed
  2. Key in all digits of your power code. If you enter a wrong digit press the '*' button to go back
  3. Once all 20-digits are entered press the '#' button, if entered correctly an 'Accepted' message will display.

What to do if your power code is rejected

If you receive a 'Rejected' message after entering your power code, you will receive a further error message. Wait until this message clears then start again.

If you have any further problems please see our Troubleshooting guide.


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