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How does the Budget Plan work?

We base your monthly payments on your most recent usage. This ensures we take into account any changes you may have made (for example any new appliances you may have bought) and also any efforts you've made to save money and reduce your usage through energy efficiency/reduction.

To do this, we issue your first bill about a month after you have transferred to Airtricity. This bill is based on your opening read with Airtricity and a recent read, so it helps us to more accurately calculate your monthly payments. The direct debit for the balance of this bill will be processed on the due date displayed on the bill. We then calculate your monthly Airtricity Budget Plan payment amounts. We will send you a letter explaining fully the amount of your monthly payments and also the date the direct debits will be processed - both the amount and the date of the payment will be the same each month.

We regularly review your monthly payment amounts to prevent debts or large credits building up on your account. If you are paying too much or too little we will adjust the payments. We will always contact you before making any changes to your monthly payments. We will send you a letter explaining the changes and will include full details of your new monthly payment amount and dates.

We will issue a statement every 3 months. This statement will contain all details of what has happened on your account during the period. It will show the balance on your account as at the date of the statement - this is not the amount you have to pay/are owed, this is just your balance on this particular date. There's a good chance your account will be in credit at certain times of the year and debit other times. As you are spreading your costs evenly over 12 months, this balance does not affect your monthly payment amounts.