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Standard Meter (cents/kWh) Inc Vat Ex Vat Inc Vat Ex Vat Inc Vat Ex Vat Inc Vat Ex Vat Inc Vat Ex Vat
Unit Rate 5.73 5.05 5.79 5.10 5.91 5.21 5.97 5.26 5.97 5.26
Annual Standing Charges
Gas (euro/year) Inc. VAT Ex. VAT
Standard 105.56 93.00

Terms & Conditions

1. The gas unit rates which will apply to your account may vary from time to time.
2. Gas Standing Charges apply and may vary from other suppliers.
3. Except as amended by these 'SSE Airtricity Standard' Terms and Conditions, SSE Airtricity's General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of electricity and/or gas by SSE Airtricity Limited to domestic premises in the Republic of Ireland apply.
4. For a list of SSE Airtricity’s tariffs, please click here.


General Terms and Conditions
See General Terms and Conditions of Supply