SSE Airtricity Green

  • 100% Green electricity
  • No fixed term contract
  • Multiple payment options
  • Available from 1st October 2011 - click here to sign up
Product Elec

Tariffs & Savings

thumb SSE Airtricity Green SSE Airtricity
% Discount off SSE Airtricity Standard 100% Green Energy -
24hr (cents/kWh) Inc Vat Ex Vat Inc Vat Ex Vat
General Units 24 hr 19.47 17.15 19.47 17.15
Night Storage Heating 10.29 9.07 10.29 9.07
Nightsaver (cents/kWh) Inc Vat Ex Vat Inc Vat Ex Vat
Day Units 20.79 18.32 20.79 18.32
Night Units 10.29 9.07 10.29 9.07


Annual Standing Charges
Electricity (euro/year) Inc. VAT Ex. VAT
Urban 24 hr 165.82 146.11
Urban Nightsaver 213.20 187.83
Rural 24 hr 208.16 183.41
Rural Nightsaver 259.59 228.71

Note: The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy for electricity has been set at €4.05 (incl VAT) per month from 1st October 2013. This applies to all domestic electricity customers, irrespective of supplier.

Terms & Conditions

1. Unit rates and charges may vary from time to time.

2. 100% electricity is from renewable sources (electricity generated from non-fossil and renewable sources).

3. Except as amended by these “SSE Airtricity Green” Terms and Conditions, SSE Airtricity’s General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of electricity and/or gas by SSE Airtricity Limited to domestic premises in the Republic of Ireland apply.


General Terms and Conditions
See General Terms and Conditions of Supply