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  • Prices Last updated: 16th August 2011
  • Updated electricity prices effective from 1st September 2011
  • Updated gas prices effective from the 1st October 2011
Product Elec

Tariffs & Savings

thumb SmartSaver Green Airtricity
% Discount off Airtricity Standard 100% Green Energy  -
24hr (cents/kWh) Inc Vat Ex Vat Inc Vat Ex Vat
General Units 24 hr 17.97 15.83 17.97 15.83
Night Storage Heating 9.50 8.37 9.50 8.37
Nightsaver (cents/kWh) Inc Vat Ex Vat Inc Vat Ex Vat
Day Units 19.19 16.91 19.19 16.91
Night Units 9.50 8.37 9.50 8.37


Standing Charges
Electricity Inc. VAT Ex. VAT
Urban 24 hr 41.93 36.94
Urban Nightsaver 53.90 47.49
Rural 24 hr 52.63 46.37
Rural Nightsaver 65.63 57.82

Note: The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy for electricity has been set at €4.05 (incl VAT) per month from 1st October 2013. This applies to all domestic electricity customers, irrespective of supplier.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The electricity unit rates which will apply to your account may vary from time to time.
  2. [100% electricity supplied by Airtricity to you will be from renewable sources (being electricity from non-fossil and renewable sources of generation).
  3. This product is not available for customers who sign-up to Airtricity online via Airtricity’s website (
  4. Standing Charges apply and may vary from other suppliers
  5. Except as amended by these “SmartSaver Green” Terms and Conditions, Airtricity’s General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of electricity and/or gas by Airtricity Limited to domestic premises in the Republic of Ireland apply.
  6. For a list of Airtricity’s tariffs, please click here.


General Terms and Conditions
See General Terms and Conditions of Supply